And then there were three....

Welcome to Razels! After welcoming Jernie Grace, (the cute one modeling ;) in a rather brash manner at 26 weeks and all that comes with raising a warrior; I decided we needed unique, fun (and Western!) outfits; more so than what I was finding in my shopping pursuits. And so, I began working with a manufacturer to create these fabulous pieces for you and for me! 

In the last few years, I've been working diligently to create our line of Western Pajamas! Cowboys & Cowgirls, even Cowboy Santa, are featured on these perfectly soft family pjs! Razels' PJs have a flattering unisex fit, feature nostalgic Western prints, and are so much fun for the whole family!

For our Summer Cowbabes, Razels offers an extensive line up of Western swimsuits. Cow print, serape, western print, lightning bolts, vintage cowgirls, matching siblings oh my!

I hope you enjoy our Western boutique! New items are always arriving, and I ship daily from Montana. Plus, all US orders ship FREE with a $35+ purchase! We are family owned and operated. Any questions, feel free to reach out via the online contact form or email me at 💖 Amber